Sofia Gabanna

Photographed by Ana Gallart.

I hope you won’t forget it, you struggled a lot and I can’t get over it. We never got the credit, nobody seemed to hear us, but we yelled anyway. None of us could imagine that we can leave it all behind and start again. Musician Sofia Gabanna shot by Ana Gallart with creative direction by Sofia de Mora and Ane Murua.



Photography: Ana Gallart / @de_anzazpi
Styling and Creative Direction: Sofia de Mora, Ane Murua / @sofritodemora @anemuruachu
Makeup: Mechi Velasques / @mechivelasquesmakeup
Hair: Melissa Morena / @bissamorena
Nail Artist: Alma Basciano / @nailmaaa
Photo Assistant: Pep Perez Guarro / @pepperezguarro
Styling Assitant: Alba Monfort, Natalia Márquez / @albaamonfort @ladynataliaaa
Model: Sofia Gabanna / @sofiagabanna_

Backrow Vintage Clothing / @backrowvintage
Nike / @nike
North Face / @northface
Dolce & Gabbana / @dolcegabbana
4elementos / @4elementosofficial
Tommy Jeans / @tommyjeans,
Sonia Carrasco / @soniacarrasco
Pelonio Press / @pelonio
Shoop / @shoopclothing
Suot Studio / @stuotstudio
Blend Showroom / @blendbcnshowroom
Aitor Goikoetxea / @aitorgoiko_
Nany Boy Hernanz / @nanu_boy_hernandez

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