Soft Ether

Photographed by David Hans Cooke.

Somewhere in between the clouds and the upper part of our atmosphere. David Hans Cooke creates an ethereal photo series featuring pieces by BULAN, in perfect harmony with the milky atmosphere of the images.

Soft Ether


Photographer: David Hans Cooke / @davidhanscooke
Styling & Fashion: Beam Rachapol Ngaongam of BULAN / @bulannewyork
Makeup: Marco Camppos / @marcocamppos
Hair stylist: Erin Herschleb / @erinpiperherschleb
Creative Consultant: Peter Freleng / @pfreleng
Studio: Be Electric Studios / @beelectricstudio
Model: Nora Şenkal at APM / @norashenkal @apmmodels

All clothes: BULAN / @bulannewyork

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