Some velvet night

A fashion story photographed by Marco Giuliano.

Delight in a dance of desires. A night-time story featuring muse Antonia wearing luxury lingerie pieces by Nnide, photographed by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei.

Can you share with us an insight onto NNIDE.
NNIDE was created by me, Pia-Johanna Nikkilä, and my companion Davide Dellanoce. We had the desire to create something together; a work where our differences would balance well. We both share love for lingerie, even if in different ways, and this is why creating a world around that felt like the most obvious and natural choice. We have different ways of seeing lingerie which helps in the creating process. Lingerie is not an item solely for the user and this is where our balanced view comes into handy while creating something that can be a joyful for all sexes. We were expecting our first child when we started collecting and putting ideas together, but it would take three years until we actually launched it in June 2020.

What is your typical design process?
A feeling or moment that turns into a shape that then gets imagined with a color that transmits the initial feeling. Then starts the search for fabrics that can carry all these ideas, and during this search we start to create patterns together with experts. It’s in this collaboration that the important values of Nnide take place; the amazing work of Italian artisans that bring that perfect balance between our vision and something comfortably wearable. The search for the correct material was that sole thing that took the longest in the beginning of our journey. We didn’t only want to have fine and exclusive material but also full-heartedly represent the values of the companies they came from.

What inspires you? Do your collections have an essential, common source of inspiration(s) or is it different every time?
A mix of several things: rooms or locations in general, people, feelings, but usually everything begins with imagining someone in a specific situation and location dressed accordingly.

The idea with the pieces of Nnide is to then be able to move from that situation and location to another one. For some, lingerie is a tool for games played in the bedroom, and with our lingerie we simply want to make that specific moment longer by creating pieces that can follow you for many hours throughout the day, until that specific moment, and to be able to create that, one needs lingerie that doesn’t make you feel strained, yet still look as interesting to the eye as the ones that might complicate your movements.

What does lingerie mean to you, is it an expression of body celebration and empowerment? 

Body celebration and empowerment is just a small part of it. Lingerie is an item that at its best can bring many emotions to the person wearing them: power, comfort, self-desire, sexual desire etc. We want to celebrate all of those things as close to reality as possible. Body and mind positivity is not as common as we would like it to be, but we want to be involved in the journey towards achieving that and celebrating the journey to getting there.

What is most rewarding in having this brand?
Watching how our third baby grows with the abilities and possibilities we continue feeding to it. The satisfaction that we feel once a model or a project is finally ready is pure energy for the heart and mind, but in the end the learning process is the most satisfying part of it all.

Any future plans you would like to share with us?
The Nnide values celebrate all women as they are, for this we are looking forward to add all more adjustable models to our line in the next future. This meaning adding adjustment points and sizing to fit more women, and to fit them perfectly!

Some velvet night


Photography: Marco Giuliano / @marcogiulianoph
Styling: Anca Macavei / @ancamacavei
Lingerie: Nnide / @nnidelingerie
Editorial assistant: Inga Lavarini / @ilavarini
Interview: Maylyn Bertorelli / @twiggymay
Soundtrack: Nihilore – L’appel du vide
Model: Antonia Louris / @jeantonia

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