Photographed by Kemara Pol.

Went too fast, I missed more than I think I can remember. Never before did I feel like I let everything pass by me. The realisation that I should return to calmness occurs to me. As I head back, I run into you. Liza in a fashion story, photographed by Kemara Pol.



Photography: Kemara Pol / @yokemara
Producer: Siyan Chen / @babysiyan
Jr. Producer: Marta Dall’Anotonia
Casting Director: Andrew Newin / @andrewofficialstudio
Styling: Tara Sellgren / @taraselllgren
Make up and Hair: Romina Digliodo / @rodigliodomakeupp
Model: Liza at Fabbrica Milano / @ostliza / @fabbrica.milano

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