Under The Bridge

Photographed by Marc A. Shelly.

When we drive underneath the bridge, and the buses breaks piss free. Return is to bleak normality. A place I don’t want to be seen. A place with no more coins than kiss. Now my tap has sprung a leak. I haven’t found where the cool kids hang. Yet I see them there, every week? A photographic series by Marc A. Shelly.

Under The Bridge


Photography: Marc A. Shelly – Agency: Not Another Intl. / @marcashelly
Styling: Shaylyn Gilheaney / @shaylyngilheaney
Styling Assistant: Leah Maher / @leahmaher_
Make up: Polina Perminova – Agency: Not Another Intl. / @polinaperminovamakeup
Model: Teresa Lui – Agency: Not Another Inti / @teresa_lui
Poem: Gavin A. Shelly

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