Photographed by JL

A photo story that embodies youth through unique style highlighting the idea of spirit, rebellion and independence. A term experienced different by every individual. A time of confusion and revolt.



Photographer: JL / @liujialiangjl
Producer: Saier / @saiermax
Styling: Qii / @enqiliqii
Make-up: A Yue and Yuki / @yue2870 @ukyukiyuki
Assistant: Jason @jasonwang_002
Model: Danila and Lisa at Funs Model China / @funsmodelchina

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It is mostly the feeling of being part of something, maybe also a kind of non-spoken strength and power that you may feel when you are part of a community, be it a group of friends or a family. It is really important to me, I need it personally, I need my own family. To share and live.