Photographed by Kristiana Pallo.

I walk within the walls of this city feeling kinda blessed. It’s so simple to mask emptiness, I’ve learned to hold it so I don’t swallow it all. Swallowed whole by my own center but I keep walking. A fashion story shot by Kristiana Pallo.



Photography: Kristiana Pallo / @kristianapallo
Stylist: Mara Mancini / @maramancinidinicolo
Makeup: Kristiana Zaula / @kristianabeauty
Hair: Hanna Liepkova / @hliepkova
Videography: Ivars Burtnieks / @volcaniccreator
Styling assistant: Leire / @leiss___
Photo assistants: Lucuos R., Kristine Kri / @lucuos.r @kristiaanija
Model: Emilia at Two Management / @emilia_faccenna @twomanagement

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