Wait, I’m coming for you

Photographed by Marcelina Dvorak.

A step up into the blinding light of tomorrow. Urvashi in a minimal fashion story shot on film by Marcelina Dvorak and styled by Sofi Lagomarsino.

Wait, I’m coming for you


Photographer: Marcelina Dvorak / @marcelinadk_
Stylist: Sofi Lagomarsino / @imalwaysjudging
Makeup/Hair: Paula Delgado / @pauladelgadomua
Ph Assistant: Danny Delgado / @im.dnny
Location: MyFuckingStudio / @myfuckingstudio.bcn
Special thanks: @leswingvintage @capitulodoslab
Laboratorium: @bienbien.xyz
Model: Urvashi at Uno Models / @urvashi_umrao @unomodels

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