We’ll turn out fine

Directed by Florian Christopher.

An ode to controversy and the everpresent battle between the old and known versus the new and unknown. Fashion movie premiere by a team from Berlin, directed by Florian Christopher.

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We’ll turn out fine


Director: Florian Christopher / @florianchristophr
DoP: Emil Scheichenbauer / @zehnzwanzig
Producer: Jakob Koren / @jakobkoren_
Creative Consultant: Akti Konstantinou / @akti_mk
Cast: Das Deck / @das_deck
Styling: Marie Fritz / @marienirt
Hair & Make-Up: Jessie Wei / @jessiessway
1st AC: Max Hofko
David Buchas / @davidbuchas
Franziska Hinteregger / @franziska_hinteregger
Judith Dornetshuber / @judith.dornetshuber
Art Department: Kathrin Figerl / @kathifygurl
PA: Julia Sauerzopf / @juliasauerzopf
VFX: ARIS / @arrirris
Music: Oliver Viol / @youcancallmeoliver & Simon Öggl & Simon Frühwirth
Sounddesign: Lenard Fuchs / @lenardfuchs_dj
Colorist: Emil Scheichenbauer / @zehnzwanzig
Models: Daniel Henzel @daniel.henzel
Mihriban Keske / @mihriban_________

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