Lonely Hearts

A spotlight on the latest work of multi-talented young creative photographer, model, and director, Jiali You, inspired by Wong Kar-Wai.

Her portfolio encompasses a diverse range of mediums, from photography to moving images, installations, and books. At the heart of Jiali You's artistic journey lies a noble aspiration – to empower women. She envisions her art as a non-violent yet potent instrument of change, one that can embolden women to discover their true selves and, ultimately, pave the path towards gender equality.

You Jiali / Lonely Hearts

Photography & Video: You Jiali / @bingchuanyjl
Makeup: Li Xinyu / @lixinyu_r
Lighting: Lu Haohong / @_hailuo7
Models: Sun Xuan / @xuan_xxya
Li Weihan / @1_weihan
Mentor: Zhang Hang / @mathiszhang

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