Photographed by Levon Shaya.

In life's path, friends bloom like diverse flowers, infusing joy, laughter and a shared crusade. They are steadfast companions, offering solace in storms and rejoicing in triumphs with pure delight. This is the story of the “amicis” captured by Levon Shaya.



Photography: Levon Shaya / @levonshaya
Makeup: Tilda Othzén / @tildaothzenmakeup
Model: Melvin at kult models / @Melvincarrere @Kultmodels
Vilja, Agnes, Hugo, Alicia & Idris at nisch mgmt
/ @viljaleidi @agneslagercrantz @hugoaglert @nischmanagement

Frida & Aretha at fye mgmt / @fye.mgmt

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