Photographed by Arnaud Ele.

The result of a creative process with set designers and stylist. Using the garments and the environment as a canvas, then Cynthia became the muse of a sculptural day. Photographed by Arnaud Ele.



Photography: Arnaud Ele / @arnaud.ele
Art direction: Laura Knoops / @knoops
Styling and illustration: Celine Kesselring / @celinekesselring
Make up/hair: Lillian Schumacher / @lillian_hmua
Set design: Laura Knoops & Arina Essipowitsch / @knoops @arinaessipowitsch
Ph assistant: Arina Essipowitsch / @arinaessipowitsch
Production: Eleknoops / @eleknoops
Model: Cynthia / @cynthiacapri

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