A photographic series by Gabriella De Martino.

“Basically, by this project i wanted to do something controversial picturing an orthodox Jewish couple in many different portraits. This wants to be a rules-break, nonconformist work. As you can see she, Rhianne is photographed in only one photo showing her legs which is strictly forbidden in the Hasidim community and generally by the Jewish religion. Still, she is alone in the others photographs and only in one she is with her husband. He, Arran is a guy who, although faithful in his beliefs and close to his culture, still choose to be free of being himself as well as ‘let her be’. The instants they are together they are an extremely young, normal, in loved couple as anyone else. They have no children yet.”



photography: Gabriella De Martino /
assistants: Antonio Patrizio, Genevieve Davoodi
models: Rhianne and Arran
makeup: Anzelika Sugonajeva
hair stylist: Stefano Mazzoleni
stlist: Alexandra-Hester Greenhill

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