Collapsing dream

Photographed by Sukki Shu.

It’s just that sometimes you feel worn out, feel helpless. But there's always a flame, no matter how attractive is to fall, you have to run till you collapse. A contemporary story that abstracts the expression of human beings as weather and animals through colors and shadows, shot by Sukki Shu.

Collapsing dream


Photography: Sukki Shu / @sukkishu_
Styling: Wu Asumi / @wu_asumi by @_tensionarchive_
Makeup: Yule Zhang / @yulezhang0910
Hair: Dream / @meng_dixon
Lighting: Xiao Mogu / @xiaomogu725
Assistant: Runhe Luo / @luorhya
Model: Haili Han / @toweliedealer

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