180 Studios / Future Shock

A post-closing essay on ‘Future shock’ exhibition from 180 The Strand in London.

In the underground spaces of 180 The Strand, “Future Shock” takes shape, the exhibition combining digital technology, artificial intelligence, electronic music, 3D mapping with laser works, and holographic projections. The artists: Ryoichi Kurokawa, UVA, Caterina Barbieri, Lawrence Lek, Actual Objects, Gener8ion, Weirdcore, Gaika, Nonotak, Ben Kelly, Hamill Industries and Object Blue propose the image of a near future through site-specific installations that transform space into an otherworldly, distorted world, offering visitors new ways of experiencing it.

180 Studios / Future Shock

Words: Jamie Macleod Bryden /  @jamiemacleodbryden
Editor: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko
Assistant: Camilla Di Pasquale / @micalliroe
Gallery: 180 The Strand/ @180.studios

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