The Ninth Kingdom

Photographed by Alina Utrobina.

Life is like a train heading to the chosen destination. So if you are not enjoying the landscape, maybe it's the right time to hop off this train and get on another one. Because once you get to the Ninth Kingdom, there is no going back. A series shot by Alina Utrobina, with creative direction by Alena Petrova.

The Ninth Kingdom


Photography: Alina Utrobina / @aia.upon
Creative direction: Alena Petrova / @alena_pro_fashion
Make up/hair: Victoria Lukovskaya / @viluukissa
Set design: Tonya Uglova / @zlayarozha
Art: Elizaveta Berkutova / @el.berkutova
Model: Sofya Kaznadey / @glupayaamblsha

Clothing credits:
Milana Malyugina @milana_malyugina
h y p n o g r a p h i c @hypnographic

Thanks to muse Ilya Petrov.

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