A techno lover’s odyssey in Milan

where to party from dusk to dawn (and back to dusk again).

Step into the hectic landscape of Milan’s techno realm as a new year unfolds, echoing with promises of fresh beginnings. Here is our curated guide (in alphabetical order) to the city’s vibrant life: embark on a musical journey that transcends the ordinary, a harmonious dance of self-discovery and euphoria, pulsating beats and neon lights. No more excuses, so many things to do during the weekend, so many places to go party. Take notes and make them your true resolutions. See you on the dancefloor!

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They are all black and white and she is color. She is all my colours. Sarah portrayed by Anna Tabakova.

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A selection from the Italian born and Berlin based DJ, Yoshi, co-funder of Libertine Records. He started his early days looking for empty warehouses and lofts to rent and make illegal parties, with over a decade now mastering a unique technique that navigates electronic music’s darkest corners.