Angel Karel / Pervert, Milan

Saturday September 30th at District 242 in Milan for the Sodoma Opening Party.

Grab your ticket  for Sodoma opening party on Saturday September 30th at District 242, Milan. Line-up: ◤ Angel Karel  ◤ Obi Baby  ◤ Franz Bush  ◤

Enjoy below a conversation with French DJ Angel Karel headliner on this occasion together with a special playlist, a sneak peak on what to expect from the evening.

Listen to Soundscapes vol.144, curated by Angel Karel

What is your current state of mind and where are you answering this interview from?

I think my head is still at the techno parade in Paris last Saturday. That day was insanely good for me, for the entire NOGENDER team and for the four hundred thousand people gathered in the street. It was giving “all together whoever you are or who you’re not thanks to techno”.

Where were you born? Did you move from your home to pursue your career as a musician, or did you study something before getting on the decks?

Born in Lyon, grew up in Lyon and still growing up thanks to Lyon. Even though I am now playing all around the country and further, it’s the city I’m attached to the most. I won’t say it’s a better place than the capital cause I don’t want all the parisians on my back but I think no less. By the time I started playing in a famous nightclub that is no longer existing, I used to work beside as a waitress. Some time later and for years I was launching the NO GENDERs in that exact same place, kinda nice twist.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up? Has it changed much?

During my teenage years, I was especially into expérimental, minimalist et noise. I guess I was always meant for techno. Nowadays I’m still enjoying those styles but not only thanks to my curiosity. I love discovering or rediscovering new sounds from all over. By the way if you think I might not know a music or an artist do not hesitate to share them with me.

How did you get into techno music? When and where was your first rave rave?

As I said, I’ve always been into techno, I don’t know why but it always seemed obvious. My very first rave was an event named Enter by Richie Hawtin at Space. It takes place in Ibiza and it’s all about futuristic with a sci-fi aesthetic.

How would you describe your current style of music and what would you like to see it evolving in?

I’d say my musical influences come from both the Chicago House movement and Detroit Techno, but also from raw and industrial Berlin techno. Dynamic sets, an aggressive and saturated techno music in an emotional state. The dark industrial universe regularly leads the dancers into a post-apocalyptic hypnotic trance.

If by evolving you mean being able to gather even more people, teaching them about consent, gender, diversity and basically smashing social constructions then yes I want to evolve that way.

I know you have a special connection to punk, what does it mean to you?

PUNK can stand for People Under No King. That movement attracts people who don’t feel like they belong, who want to proudly express differences perceived as such by society. If we stick to this idea, since everyone has something “different”, it means nobody’s normal and it’s ok, completely valid. Well I am different such as my sounds because they are made for anomalous people. My music is a welcoming to all the misfits, I want to share my musical safe space to all so they can, for one night, rest and feel free to be themselves.

How did the collective TFIF came to be? Tell us more also about your NOGENDER project as well.

TFIF means The Future Is Female. The idea was to give a real place to female artists, and to individuals whose gender identity does not fit into binary norms. I was inspired by Berlin which does not define any rules of gender or sex to experiment freely on its favorite playground: techno. NO GENDER is a militant, activist, techno, queer event, gathering liberated souls in search of an intense alternative experience in a safe space, to experience the thousand possibilities that the night offers, sharpening each of their senses to the rhythm of a brutal and bodily techno. It was the first concept of TFIF. Evenings where the boundaries of the genre are abolished, in a heroic universe where bodies are freed in nonconformist aesthetics.

What about SCUM project that originates from the Valerie Solanas S.C.U.M. Manifesto, when did you encounter this?

SCUM carries in its veins an industrial techno tinged with punk/noise and black metal. A vital blood with a very punk taste, SCUM whips the Queer atmosphere, where we smell the smell of leather, chains and Dr. Martens… where we dare the new aesthetic and radical energies with colourful outfits and delirious hairstyles. [SCUM] murders the genre, dismantles fashion and provokes cultural standards with its trashy aesthetic. I think we just needed it.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

No one in particular or should I say everyone who share my vision, my values and for god sake that person just has to be on time that’s all I ask (laughing).

Where do you most enjoy playing a set?

The best way to enjoy a set is by living it with the people so I’d say when the turntables are installed in the middle of the crowd.

What is a typical day for Angel?

First I wake up which is already a hard step. Then, if I have time or do not forget, I have breakfast. Usually while eating I start my working day with emails and social media. Walking Pina (my lovely dog) and making some calls. Giving affection to my partner whom I also work with for the collective. Most of the time I will spend the rest of my afternoon preparing a set or two for the weekend. All this is only correct if you choose a day in early week, otherwise I would be in a hotel room somewhere in the EU waiting for the event to start.

Is Paris the best city for partying in your opinion?

So not ok with those who believe it’s true. Berlin is more open for partying, this city allows all possibilities.

Are you working on any new music at the moment ?

Actually yes, I’m finishing an edit of Mozart’s song Requiem in D Minor « Requiem For Lacrimosa » which will be released soon on NOGENDER Records.

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