Live at The Lower Third

A spotlight on Curses’ performance at The Lower Third

There comes the next wave of acid punk. Curses continues to bring a romantic and punk energy to the floor, threading the ethereal nostalgia of the 80s and 90s into the future of now. This time the Berlin-based band brings a romantic touch to the stage of the venue The Lower Third, named after the influential style of David Bowie’s legacy. Last 25 March, Curses fused 80s New Wave, the darker side of Italian disco and flashes of EBM with its ghostly vocals, in a live performance with the support of the band C.A.R,  followed by the accompaniment of Novi Sad, Sheet Noise and Harry James.

Curses / Live at The Lower Third

Artists: Curses /@cursesforever and Dame Bonnet @damebonnet
C.A.R / and Novi Sad / @novisad_band
Sheet Noise / @sheetnoise and Harry James / @harryjames707
Photographer: Caroline Bonarde / @carolbonarde
Editor: Maria Ambramenko / @mariabramenko
Assistant: Alisia Marcacci / @miabrowe
Venue: The Lower Third / @lowerthirdsoho

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