Lost Highway

An exclusive view at the Fecal Matter party at Silencio Club during Paris Fashion Week on March 1st.

A mysterious night curated by Fecal Matter at Silencio Club on March 1st during Paris Fashion Week.. Inspired by Lynch’s masterpiece film “Lost Highway”, multi-disciplinary artist duo Fecal Matter has reinterpreted all the chaos and beauty of the film through an immersive party experience featuring live and video performances accompanied with sweat dripping and blood pumping music by a line up of extreme creatives.  The evening has featured a special performance piece on film by London based artist Dahc Dermur VIII screened at Silencio’s private in club cinema and a magnetic live performance by the other worldly Gena Marvin on the main stage. The dance floor has been be set on fire through hardcore DJ sets by Fecal Matter and a hand picked selected cast of performers including London based powerhouse, Lewis G Burton. The soundtrack of the night also included sets by Buried Deep, ENHAM and to roll out the credits with an unforgettable ending will be Techno Blondy. A night in Paris to remember driven by a cinematic piece of art that can never be lost photographed by Octave B.

Lost Highway


Words & evening: Fecal Matter / @matieresfecales
Photography: Octave B / @octave.de.b
Location: Silencio Club / @silencioclub

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