L.E.V. / Hyper-Digital Festival

Where Art and Music Collide in Eclectic Experiences

An eclectic experience where art and music collide in an unique moment. The hyper-digital music festival is organised in two major annual events: LEV Festival (27 – 30 April) in Gijón and LEV Matadero (21 – 24 September) in Madrid.

Creative expression knows no bounds, and we live in a society where we’re constantly influenced by various inputs. When we need to plan something or bring an idea to life, our minds naturally push us beyond limits, aiming to create something multisensory. This is the fundamental concept behind the latest wave of hyper-digital music festivals.

L.E.V (Visual Electronic Lab) stands as a prominent example of this trend, offering the most diverse and relevant experiences at the intersection of art and music. Established 14 years ago, it operates as a genuine platform with the mission of promoting a fresh approach to creative expression. L.E.V provides highly skilled talents the opportunity to explore unique experiments that arise from blending electronic sounds, audiovisual creations, digital art, installations, and cutting-edge technological tools.

The platform leverages various channels for promotion, including its website, social media, and collaborations with independent artists and creators. In recent years, L.E.V has evolved into a significant and groundbreaking innovation, not just due to its two annual festivals but also the numerous associated initiatives: art talks, independent concerts, live projects, international networks, and more.

The central point of this platform, which truly captures the essence of hyper-digital experiences, is the creation of two annual events: L.E.V Festival in Gijón and L.E.V Matadero in Madrid. These events materialize the creative fusion of digital art and experimental music using a range of sensory disciplines.

The journey begins with L.E.V Matadero, located in Madrid in late September, setting the stage for a new year of experiments and paving the way for the subsequent L.E.V Festival in Gijón, held in April. Each year, this event symbolizes a fresh exploration, serving as a portal to another dimension. It keeps pace with the rapid development of our society, uncovering new trends and scenes, with technological tools, innovative soundtracks, and the latest artists consistently delivering unexpected experiences.

During the last L.E.V Matadero event, 16 different acts from artists worldwide, considered visionaries, graced the stage. For instance, Ukrainian sound composer KATARINA GRYVUL shone on the first day of the festival, collaborating with Peruvian digital artist ALEX GUEVARA to create an immersive experience. Their performance blended Katarina’s multi-layered sound with Alex’s distorted digital visuals. The result was a fluid mix of classical music and electronic ambient sounds, mirroring the fragmented imagery of Alex’s art. Their deep concept revolved around the war in Ukraine and the associated feelings of anxiety, resulting in an alienating and emotionally charged sensorial experience.

On the third day, the spotlight belonged to LOREM TESH, a versatile artist known for unpredictable works where consciousness, dream transcriptions, screen art, and electrical systems converge. He delivered visceral and sensory live shows and presented an installation titled “Distrust Everything.” Through his work, the audience embarked on a journey into a surreal world created by the blend of sounds and intricate visions.

The festival’s rich tapestry of talents extends to the evocative and melancholic soundscapes of HALINA RICE and the baroque-laden ambiance of CORIN PRESENTS featuring LUX AETERNA. These examples are just a fraction of the diverse range of talents showcased.

This festival offers a world to explore, new dimensions to immerse in, and more festivals to experience. The more you anticipate a sensorial experience, the more the unexpected surprises you. It represents a new way to embrace art and music, something we increasingly crave.

L.E.V. / Hyper-Digital Festival

Festival: L.E.V. festival / @levfestival
Aristis: Katarina Gryuvul / @katarina_gryvul
Alex Guevara / @alex.g.u.e.v.a.r.a
Lorem Tesh / @lorem_____
Halina Rice / @halinarice_music
Corin / @corin.ileto
Editor: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko
Words: Annalisa Fabbrucci / @annalisa_fabbrucci

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