Last days of Tresor31 Festival

July 8th – August 27, Berlin.

“Every new social movement requires a protected space where new ideas, new sounds and a new sense of togetherness can be tried out ad developed without external pressures and constraints. The experiments which produce enduring cultural and musical ideas need a suitable laboratory for that initial explosion. The entire city of Berlin became such a space after the fall of the Wall. People with the potential and desire to create something new and unique gathered here. They found their own free spaces in empty buildings around the city and turned them into places for experimentation. We cannot just recreate the historically unique situation that prevailed in Berlin then, but we can learn from it.

Where free space, minimal economic pressure, tolerance and goodwill on the part of the authorities come together innovative ideas emerge that paint the image of tomorrow. What was once a laboratory and a niche has the power to change the world. A ruin can be a niche, a niche can be a playground and the starting point for something very new. This is the lesson of the cultural awakening in Berlin in the beginning of the 90’s: give again to the young those places who’s future is not yet written! Keep the niches where experiments can be made and the new can be tried out! Give young people the space they need to be creative!” Dimitri Hegemann

“Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit” is a personalised, audio-led exhibition experience in Kraftwerk. Through film, sculpture, archival objects and photography the exhibition explores the three decade long story surrounding techno’s ‘big bang’ in the early 90s. The exhibition examines Tresor’s winding journey in context – from its pre-history in the unusual economic and social conditions of West Berlin to its transition into the cosmopolitan capital city of today. Through archival materials, oral histories and immersive soundscapes created in partnership with usomo, Tresor 31’s exhibition explores the personal narratives that underpinned techno culture since its beginnings as an artistic and social movement.

TUES-THURS 12:00 – 20:00
FRI – SUN 13:00 – 21:30

Participating visual artists: Andreas Gurksy / Anne de Vries / Antje Fels / Arthur Jafa / Bahar Noorizadeh / Claire Williams / Danielle de Picciotto / DeForrest Brown, Jr. + Abdul Qadim Haqq / Elsa4toys / Hito Steyerl / Jenn Nkiru / Joe Namy / John Akomfrah / Marie Staggat / Mark Prendergast / Matthew Angelo Harrison / Otolith Group / Rebecca Salvadori + more

Don’t miss your last chance this weekend to attend the exhibition and event series Tresor 31: Techno, Berlin and the Great Freedom at Kraftwerk, Tresor, OHM and Globus.

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