Non-stop party

A talk with Stella Bossi.

Berlin-based techno DJ Stella Bossi sharing her first memories of music, her first time raving in her room to Dune and crashing a Berlinale after-party DJ set. We dived into her process of making a song and how it is important to not limit oneself to listening to one genre. Also her collaboration with “Kit Kat Club Berlin” and her label “The Beat Must Fuck” which gives the power to the user. Her DJ sets are a pure reflection of herself: full of energy, surprise and spontaneity.

Listen to Soundscapes vol.114, curated by Stella Bossi

What is your current state of mind?

Way out in the water. See it swimming.

What is your first memory with music? The first song you remember dancing or singing to?

My Cousin Fabi – shout out to Fabi – recorded music on cassettes and gave them to me. Pretty sure “Hardcore Vibes” from Dune was one of the first tracks I was “raving” too. We always switched the light on and off as quickly as possible for the strobo effect.

How did you become a DJ? What inspired you? Was there a certain situation that became a turning point for you to start getting really into the techno scene?

I’ve studied in Amsterdam and I used to live in an artist community. They had this old CDJ 350 DJ gear. Everyone tried to DJ and so have I. In the very beginning, my friends showed me how it works and then at some point we all started to exchange knowledge. It was fun to practice together and find out what’s possible, that was our evening entertainment back then. At some point almost every sound system in a student apartment falls victim to a wild party and so it happened to us. There my first DJ career ended. I picked this up again when I was living on a friend’s couch during the lockdown (I was homeless for about a year). I had plenty of time and he had new DJ gear.

Where else did you live besides Berlin? To what kind of music have you been exposed to when growing up?

Amsterdam and Frankfurt. I was always listening to all kinds of music. My cousin always said to me: “Don’t limit yourself by only listening to one genre.” He is so right.

How was your first rave experience?

I was 15 years old when I went to my first rave. It was in the Bar25. The Bar25 was the most incredible place for partying in Berlin. There I lost my heart to Techno and the scene. The first experience with Techno was special to me. It’s not like one of those “normal” happenings, like your first car ride, it’s more like the feeling of the first relationship.

How is your process when making a song?

I get the inspiration for my art from very different things. For example, while I’m swimming, while I stand in the subway smelling weird smells, while lying on the couch with close eyes and doing nothing etc. It always starts with an inspiration that pops up. I write my ideas down and then I go to the studio with my team, drive everyone crazy with my ideas and with a probability of 95%, the tracks end up in the trash can. The 5% that are left then must go through a tough process. I listen to them. I edit stuff. I relisten them to them. I reedit stuff and so on. At the end maybe there is a track. Making music is a hate-love relationship.

What inspired your latest track “Boring Love”?

Everyone is bored so fast about everything. People’s behavior has changed drastically during the recent years. We get excited very quickly but get bored even faster. There is almost nothing consistent anymore in life. Even love suffers from this new behavior. The media fucks up our mind.

How do you keep making music that is fresh and exciting but still resonates with you?

At the moment it’s very hard. As mentioned before, I need inspiration for my art. Inspiration comes from your life. Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative energy in the world right now that doesn’t really have a positive effect on my creativity. You always need to ask yourself several questions: What should I communicate right now? Where am I positioned in this whole mess? As an entertainer, don’t you care about the daily happenings? Do we have to distract people from those bad things, or do we have to take a stand? Very difficult times right now…

You always seem energetic and playful on Instagram. What do you do when you’re not making music or filming crazy videos? Where do you go to relax and blow off steam?

I eat pasta, I chill with friends and family and I let wash my blood regularly by the Doctor.

How did you come up with the idea for your label “The Beat Must Fuck” where you let the listeners/users vote on which track gets a deal?

I had this idea of giving the power to the user. Why not? Nobody has done something like that before and I thought it might be a good idea. I don’t like standards and routines.

Can you pinpoint three of the most legendary gigs or moments in your career so far?

Kit Kat Cub Berlin: Playing in front of 1.300 almost naked people without smartphones is breathtaking.
Coconut Club Sicily: Total escalation. People stormed the stage with Bengal fire.
A Berlinale Party back in 2019 (Berlinale = German Oscars): I was super smashed, so I went to the Dj booth and told the DJ that now it’s my turn to play. Of course, I wasn’t booked, but I explained that to the guy (a huge Techno star DJ) quite convincingly and he let me play. 30 minutes later the security took me away. :) It was worth it because it was my very first gig.

How did your collaboration with Kit Kat come about?

It’s my family. We support each other for a very long time. They always stood by me from the beginning and when I play in Berlin then only at the Kitty. This friendship is priceless.

How is a typical day in Berlin for Stella Bossi?

Typical days don’t exist beside waking up and go to sleep. I don’t like routines.

What is your favorite place in Berlin in this moment?

The cinema. I wasn’t at the cinema for years.

Favorite object you own?

A yellow Supreme Nike Hoodie from Peggy Gou.

Stella Bossi / Non-stop party

Artist: Stella Bossi / @stellabossi
Editor: Anca Macavei / @ancamacavei
Interview: Agustina Passeron / @anit_no_anita

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