After two endless years of stop due to the pandemic, the 29th edition of Wave Gotik Treffen has finally come back in full force.
    The most known and long-lived music festival dedicated to dark and gothic sub-cultures welcomed in the city of Leipzig, Germany, the many visitors from all over the World, gathered in 4 days packed of concerts, events and parties displaced all around the city.

    The concerns about the lift of the restrictions and the various post-Covid effects were many but fortunately everything went more than smooth (as usual) and the crowd had the chance to enjoy memorable events like the Gary Numan midnight special (in his words one of the best gigs of his career), VNV Nation, IAMX and many countless others.

    But Wave Gotik Treffen (“Treffen” stands for “Meeting” in German) is not only music, it is more than everything a safe place of communion between like-minded people and a moment out of time to share with longdate -and new- friends. The very much needed kind of spirit that after almost 2 years of isolation we were all craving.

    Going deeper into our very heterogeneous experience of WGT, here you will find a gallery with our personal highlights spacing from the mighty Combichrist and their new metal sound -that fit perfectly also with the arrangements of their older electro hits- to the ethereal waves raised up by Laura Fella’s voice with her new progressive-goth project Tvinna, that put a spell on Heidnisches Dorf (the WGT Pagan Village).
    Our journey then passed by the uplifing vibes of goth’n’roll/post-punk cult bands such as The69Eyes, Funhouse and Children on Stun, in some of the their rarest European live appearences.
    It all ended way too soon at a very crowded traditional closing party at the iconic venue Moritzbastei, that offered the choice to chill at the restaurant/garden or, even better, to dance until dawn on 5 different dancefloors that covered any shades of black from classic goth to blasting hard-industrial/techno (with a killer dj-set by Aura Kamikura).

    These year, besides our pictures, we involved some of the beautiful people who attended the festival, asking to share with us some of their best memories, outfits or moments from WGT.
    We are already looking forward to next year, which marks the 30th anniversary of WGT and special things for sure will come our way, so save the date and see you again to celebrate together in the darkest crowd!

    NEXT Wave-Gotik-Treffen: 26th May / 29th 2023

    Undead, Undead / WGT 2022


    Report by:
    Marco Giuliano / @marcogiulianoph
    Anca Macavei / @ancamacavei

    Official website:

    Special thanks to Wave-Gotik-Treffen press staff.

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