A spotlight on Liase Jewellery.

Liase Jewellery, crafted entirely in Florence, Italy, collaborates closely with local artisans in small workshops, blending traditional and contemporary techniques. Utilising Eco-silver, a sustainable alternative to sterling silver sourced from recycled materials, along with locally procured gemstones, the brand emphasises environmental responsibility. Inspired by diverse artistic and cultural movements, Liase intricately merges architectural elements and ancient jewellery motifs with vibrant gemstones and enamelled accents. Their latest Untamed Collection explores a wild aesthetic, transcending gender norms with themes of nature and punk rebellion. Raw designs adorned with dark enamel and sparkling stones defy conventional jewellery, symbolising nature’s defiance against disruption.

Tell us a bit about you, your background, how did it all come about.
Let’s say I have been immersed in fashion since very early stage, I moved to London soon after high school to study Visual Merchandiser at the London College of Fashion, this experience in London definitely shaped my vision and taste for fashion. After London I moved back to Florence, my hometown where I worked for many years for Luisa Via Roma, followed by 7 years in Berlin working for Gucci as Visual Merchandiser for Germany. In those years  I felt the need to travel and experience different cultures in order to forge and feed a strong creative mind, I traveled the world for two years till I felt the urge to come back to my roots and start something for myself. Being born and raised in Florence made very easy access to Jewellery making, here we have the best Jewellery laboratories and wherever you walk you can spot them, they are spread all over the city. Needless to say as soon as I came back I immerse myself into jewellery design, I started creating little sculpture like pieces for some electronic music artists till I decided to create the very first LIASE collection, and so it begin…

What is the story behind the choice of the name “Liaise”?
This is a pretty simple answer, LIASE is the anagram of my first name, ELISA, I wanted something short, easy to remember and that had a connection with my name.

Highlight your brand in 3 words that evoke a specific mood or feeling.
Edgy, fluid and iconic.

Your brand is deeply rooted in Florence’s artisanal tradition, blending old and new techniques. How do you strike a balance between preserving these honoured methods while incorporating modern design elements into your work?
Nowadays we need to work as fast as possible because the demand is high and people don’t wanna wait, new techniques are helping in this, 3D design and  printing for example is faster and more precise. I still use my skilled local artisans to finish the pieces as I like to work together with these people and share opinions to create the best version of my vision. Creating is a process, an evolution that brings people and skills together; we add details we define shapes, weights, the artisanal work is so important to me, it’s the thing that adds uniqueness to the jewellery itself.

What narratives do you aim to tell through your jewellery designs?
Our DNA is very strong, we take inspiration from art, nature and architecture, each collection is designed to bring to life elements belonging to my deepest life journey, most of the pieces have geometrical structure and embellish with encased stones and enamel details, I feel that these details really help the piece to be alive and tell the story I wanna tell. Our pieces are gender fluid, I think this is the strongest narrative I can tell, anyone can wear it and feel good with it breaking boundaries with a statement look.

If you could design a custom piece for an artist (living or dead) who would it be and why?
I believe one of my favorite artists is FK Twigs, she is such a complete performer, her music’s so deep and unique, she is an incredible dancer, I love her style and the way she interprete her songs is simply phenomenal. I follow her since the very beginning and truly would be flattered to design a beautiful piece for her. She would fit perfectly LIASE gender fluidity.

Describe the emotional journey you want customers to experience when wearing your pieces.
I hope that LIASE’s customers will feel empowered, self confident and a little dramatic while wearing our pieces.

Looking ahead, where do you see yourself and the brand in the future?
In these uncertain times where the world is falling apart is kind of hard to forsee the future and I rather stay in the present moment and be grateful for all I have achieved during these years. That said I’m working hard to keep the brand at the level its on, I would like to work with like minded artsist and create something even more spectacular, probably shifting a little also into art. At the end of the day I recognize Jewellery as art pieces.

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