Armageddon W3

Photographed by Costas Simos.

My voice is your voice. If you’re screaming for help but feel like losing your voice, I’ll scream for you, I’ll seek help for you. No one wants to see white flags turning into bloody red. All we’re seeking is peace. A fashion story shot by Costas Simos.

Armageddon W3


Photographer: Costas Simos / @itsjustsimos
Videography: Antonis Danvakerakis / @kelloggs_pool
Creative Director & Head of Production: Constantine Stergiou / @constantine.stergiou
Fashion Stylist: Elizabeth Karatsoki at The Modern Society Gr / @elizabeth_karatsoki @themodernsociety_gr
Hair Stylist: Maritina Manthopoulou / @maritina_manth
Makeup: Elena Karatsoki & Coast Minos / @elena_karatsoki @coast.artistry
Nail Artist: Despoina Lagogianni / @dspoii
Prop Master: Marios Poulos / @poulos.marios
Studio: Studio 253 Athens / @studio253athens
Models: Yana Kirova at Agencia Models Athens / @yanakirovaa @agenciamodels_athens
Fathia at The Legion Mgt / @th3a.jkt @thelegionmgt
Eugene at Ace Models Athens / @etty_nat at @ace_models_athens
Lili at Ace Models Athens / @lilihjd at @ace_models_athens

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