Queen in pattern

Photographed by Laora Queyras.

Stepping outside the comfort zone, the only place to evolve and transform. Naomie photographed by Laora Queyras and styled by Ophélie Hippocrate.

Queen in pattern


Photography: Laora Queyras / @laora_queyras
Styling: Ophélie Hippocrate / @blackpetrol
Make up: Victoria Pinto / @glowry.up
Hair: Victor Rossi / @victorlecomte_
Manicure: Marcea Gomes / @marceagomes
Set Design: Ella Sinelle / @ellasinelle
Assistant: Thomas Bertrand / @thomasbertrand
Model: Naomie at Wilhelmina London / @naoslb @wilhelmina.london

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