Claws Out

Photographed by Marco Giuliano.

Wandering through feral places at night, decked with the raw strokes of authenticity and the bold hues of rebellion. Ka Min wearing savage pieces by Iacsite, shot by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei.

IAC Site is on a mission to redefine fashion through fluid and dystopian concepts, fostering a community unafraid to challenge traditional norms. Join us as we explore the brand’s vision with its founder, Miriam Iacopino.

What inspired you to create a fashion brand centred around apocalyptic themes?
The creation of Iacsite stems from the need to externalise everything I have inside. My emotions, my artistic vision, draw inspiration from a despotic and confused perspective, as if holograms in my brain, alternating, give life to new shapes and colors. The artistic exploration conducted before the release of the two collections was mainly focused on the investigation of photographers like Sophia Roberts, Wooi Yang, Svitlo; they all share a gender dystopia, not only in colors but also, and above all, in shapes. My affiliation with the apocalyptic style dates back to my birth, as I spent my childhood in my grandparents’ countryside, where every corner of that place had a decadent and primordial style.

Can you explain the meaning behind the name “IACSITE”?
Iacsite is nothing more than the combination of the acronym of Iacopino, my surname, and the word “site” in English. When I attempted to merge the letters, I realised that their union almost formed a slang, and from there, I understood that if it could remain easily impressed in my mind, it could do the same with others.

How do you translate conceptual themes like dystopia into your garments, could you guide us through your creative process?
In both collections, there will be a clear depiction of the process of decay and primitive metamorphosis, giving the product a subtle primordial and ancestral hint of human and animal life. One of the micro-themes that has inspired me so far for the collections is dystopia, encapsulating what is in an abnormal position compared to its normal place. It is a description or representation of an imaginary future reality, but predictably based on present trends perceived as highly negative, foreseeing an undesirable or frightening life experience. With this theme, I aim to communicate the strong connection within the artistic core of Iacsite, reflecting the entire Milanese scene that provided me with the right skills to believe in my project, and also my affiliation with my past self. If it had remained confined to the social immobility of the south, it would have taken an undesirable path.

Your first collection is named ‘Epidermide,’ which refers to the outer layer of the skin. Can you explain why you chose this concept and how is it reflected in your designs?
“Epidermide” is a collection that manifests how physical change is at the ancestral foundation of human evolution. This collection unfolds with clear and precise themes, revolving around the concept of primordial and primitive elements with animalistic and wild traits transformed in a dark and dystopian manner. Despite this, through the metamorphic process, they constantly change their form, giving life to new prototypes of the genre. The garments will have an animalistic background, evoking the world of beasts through the careful choice of fabrics and their processing, transitioning from a smoother, darker canvas to a more crisp and vibrant one. Fur will be the protagonist of the collection, the perfect “ancestral epidermis” providing a touch of original and primordial essence, encapsulating the devolutionary concept of species.

In your description of Apocalypse Core as a trend, you outlined four distinct micro themes: Decadence, Metamorphosis, Dystopia, and Animalism. Could you break down these themes and their respective representations within your brand’s aesthetic?

Each of them encapsulates a precise meaning explaining the development of the collection through specific paradigms and signals. The term “Animalesco” encompasses everything belonging to the animal sphere, capable of moving and behaving just like a beast.

Claws out


Photography: Marco Giuliano / @marcogiulianoph
Styling: Anca Macavei / @ancamacavei
Fashion: Iacsite / @iac_site @miriamiacopink_
Styling assistant: Basak Saigyn / @thewdsy
Interview: Camila Correa / @cami.correahg
Model: Ka Min at Pwr Models / @kmonlyone @pwrmodels

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