Constellation Divine

Photographed by Queena Yan.

Air, Earth, Water and Fire, coexisting in the most powerful combination. A fashion story from NYC photographed and directed by Queena Yan, including a dream time of 10 muses.

Constellation Divine


Photography/Creative Direction/Styling: Queena Yan / @itsqueenayan
Lighting Director: Ben Merker / @merk_ben
Makeup: Dana Akashi, Mikaila Hutchens / @madeup_looks @mikailahutchens
Hair: Miwako Urasugi, Rachel Polycarpe / @miwakourasugi3 @rachelpolycarpe
Assistants: Tatiana Valentin, Thao Nguyen, Rakel Coco, Gui Trang, Liam / @tsunamigirl_ @_thao_ @rakelcoco_ @guitrang @unclebyo @beelect
Studio: WF Studio / @wfstudio
Models: Ava Rain, Numi, Mecca Mozelle, Claire, Zoey, Yebecca, Onah Iya, Karina Ramirez, Saba, Daria Kharchenko / @avaraiin @nuummiii @meccamozelle @thelastclairbender @surfer.zo @yebeccababy @onah_iya @karinamicheller_ @_sabateur @kharchenkodaria @swanbyte

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