Rookie Season

Deleo from Paris Spring Summer 2022

Léo Dentant created Deleo from Paris in 2020. It was during his first year in Paris that the young designer was inspired by the capital of fashion. Back in the Alps during the first lockdown, in the village of his childhood, the young designer made his first collection inspired by the Parisian «art de vivre», combining French chic and street culture. Deleo is the France of tomorrow telling the story of the France of yesterday. It’s this blending of his roots, his family culture and that of his generation that redefines French streetwear. Deleo is a letter that Leo writes to himself. He paints what he sees and what inspires him in Paris. From the light of the Eiffel Tower to the sparkling crystal buttons of his grandmother’s shirt, he talks about Paris by comparing new experiences and memories. Born in the mountains, he developed a particular sensitivity to technical and innovative materials. As brilliant as he is sober, like a landscape freshly snowed and struck by the sun, through this long correspondence Deleo talks about his Paris to that person he would have been, had he never left. For this first collection, Leo has chosen to reinterpret one of the original influences of streetwear, the wardrobe of US sports, by adding codes of French chic. “The Rookie Season” is a new reference to these sports, defining the first season of a young athlete in the professional league. A unisex collection of practical and multi-purpose garments, adaptable to any gender and any event.

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