Photographed by Marco Giuliano.

Thought it would last forever but we lost it somewhere on a hazy trip. The perfect summer pieces by Native Glame in their latest social campaign, shot by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei.

Tell us a bit about you, your background. Who is behind Native Glame, when and how did it all start?
Native Glame is a brand created by a magical & creatives Italians from Milan, mother and daughter duo, fond of fashion and of natural environment.
After travelling around the World they have been inspired by the majestic Ibiza’s nature during the pandemic period (2020-2021), where they have always lived as a second home. Danila the mother, yoga & meditation teacher represents the “Native” part, leather pieces handmade in Ibiza.
Whereas Ludovica, the daughter, in love with Milanese glamour and raised by a grandmother seamstress for Chanel, represents the “Glame” part, made of Night-Chic-Daring dresses realized in organic or eco-friendly fabrics.

What is the story behind the name Native Glame?
Native (Danila) is the wildness of a woman, while Glame (Ludovica) is the glamour inside every woman.

What about your design process, how do you start working on a collection?
Every collection is dedicated to the culture of a place where the designers lived. After a detailed study of the local art and traditions of the women, we created capsule collections always maintaining the Eco-Sustainability project faithful to the ambient surrounding: like Ibiza for the first Collection “Born”, and the Andalucía, South of Spain (Marbella, Granada, Sevilla) for the second Collection “Life”.
The process is made of 2 steps and both have the same beginning: consult to the Ibizan Artisans for the Native leather part or Dressmakers from Milan for the Glame part. In the first case they are all are unique pieces handmade at an Ibizan Atelier, while for the second part the pieces are produced in Barcelona, Spain.

You are based between Ibiza and Milano, how are these locations reflected in your designs?
Ibiza for sure reflects in our craziest designs.
Milan is our reference model about the new trends of fashion.

Can you talk about the inspirations behind the S/S23 collection showcased in your social media campaign?
We’ve been inspired by different types of women, who are all sophisticated, with an artistic touch in every little details. In other words exclusive designs never taken for granted. In this capsule “Life S/S23” there’s accurate research of precious Italian fabrics such as linen, silks, organic cottons, georgette, laces, recycled lycras, already present also in our first collection “Born”.

Who do you design for?
We design for Resort & Beach Clubs clients who have an organic orientation and an artistic tendency.

What would you like to bring into the fashion industry or take from it?
Fashion Industry has always been all about: flashes, cameras, stolen ideas, and non-unity.
Fashion must be the place where all the arts need to melt together:
Fashion Shows shouldn’t be showcases of styles in comparison but, eye candy.
Fashion shouldn’t be the weapon of judgment but it should be the weapon to communicate our inner art through designs.
We as Native Glame women team, would like to bring a new kind of Fashion whose unique goal is to deliver art through designs and especially to fight for a humanitarian purpose like in Pyari NGO project, who deals with child protection and against international child trafficking and abuse in West Bengala, India.

Future plans you would like to share with us?
Our biggest Future plan is to live permanently in Spain and our next destination is Madrid who will guide our next 3rd Collection “Change”.
The second plan is to find new locations overseas in warm places to promote the brand with pop-ups.

What is happiness for you?
Happiness is to be in harmony with the beauty of surrounding world enhancing its authenticity through creativity.



Photography: Marco Giuliano / @marcogiulianoph
Styling: Anca Macavei / @ancamacavei
Fashion: Native Glame / @nativeglame
Interview: Iro Bournazou / @irwb
Video&Set assistant: Francis Brinkman / @francisbrinkman
Editorial assistant: Inga Lavarini / @ingalavarini
Soundtrack: Nihilore – Single Lane Tunnel
Model: Vlada at PWR Models / @__vv.s__ @pwrmodels

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