Heavy Breathing

Photographed by Clara Daziell Casas.

They found a connection listening to their heart and soul. A fashion story photographed by Clara Daziell Casas and styled by Karolina Dorau.

Heavy Breathing


Photography: Clara Daziell Casas / @daziell
Styling, creative direction and production: Karolina Dorau / @karolinadorau
Make up: Aimee Twist / @aimeetwistartistry
Hair: Kieron Fowles / @kjfowleshair
Photography Assistant: Michaela Metesova / @michaelametesova
Videography: Ashley Rommelrath / @asherlloyd
Props: Yan Skates / @yanskates @floralsetlondon
Audio: Pawel Cwalina / @cewualina
Elle at Phoenix / @elleerasmuss @phoenixmodelmanagement
Danielle at Elite / @daniellesandhu @elitemodelworld
Rosie at d1 / @rosieashley @d1models
Lenny at Supa / @kragba.lenny @supamodelmanagement
Kahia at PRM / @kahiacarroll @prm_agency

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