Kié Einzelgänger x Wildside by Yohji Yamamoto

out now.

Silently suitable for any occasion: 3 types of T-shirts designed in the shades of Yohji Yamamoto’s warm black. Simultaneously maintaining the comfortable T-shaped base, while adding some distinguishable classical elements from Kie’s research of the Interbellum periods are inserted to each piece all rooted in the long-time mesmerisation and her own experience gained by wearing Yamamoto’s creations. Discover them on the official website!

Kié Einzelgänger x Wildside by Yohji Yamamoto


Kie Einzelganger /
@kie_einzelganger @kie_einzelganger_official
Wildside by Yohji Yamamoto /
@wildsideyohjiyamamotojp @yohjiyamamotoofficial
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