Light, Shadow & Beyond

Photographed by Yanle Shen.

Through time, we are chasing the light. At times, we fall into the darkness. We are walking the fine line in between. We are fragile and sharp. In the name of light and shadow, we are the explorers and pioneers of the time. Don’t fear your own shadows. We were forged in darkness. An onirical fashion story shot by Yanle Shen.

Light, Shadow & Beyond


Photography: Yanle Shen / @syl_ono
Creative Director: Yanle Shen, Lisha Zhang / @syl_ono @lisaaaa.zzz
Stylist: Lisha Zhang / @lisaaaa.zz
Fashion: Francisco Sampaio / @frv.n
Art Director and Illustrator: Jiao Ling / @0.89757
Videographer: Leo Zhu / @leizhu.leo
Set Designer: Gu Yuan / @effieguyuan
Retouch: Yanle Shen / @syl_ono
Makeup: Minji Kawck / @kmini.mua
Makeup Special Effect: Minji Kim / @minji.mua
Hair stylist: Akari Matsumoto / @hairstylist_akr
Photo Assistants: Kiah Tao, Charles Wang, Yun Jing / @taoketaoke @charleswangggg @cath.jin
Stylist Assistant: Qianling Du / @smakk927927
Models: Nicole Meyer, Xueyuan Wang, Atlanta Thomas / @_nicolemeyer_ @alexiaxy_ @tequoli_sponglez

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