Latest collection by Hongru Tan photographed by Yichen Zhou.

From Darkness, Comes Light: Lumen by Hongru Tan is a collection that captures, transforms, and depicts the fascination of the light. Constantly observing the lights in my life, the beauty and power of light beams are drawn in organic shapes that have infinite attraction for me to pursue. It penetrates through surfaces, creates shapes, divides spaces, and forms new appearances. The ordinary life objects could be transformed into new excitement by the light.



Fashion: Hongru Tan / @hongru__
Photographer: Yichen Zhou / @yichen_815

Model: Jackie Gill

Make-up: Courtney /@courfney_makeup

Hair: Jiayi Yang / @yangjiayi1019

Styling Assistants: Juri Yoneda / @juri_525/
Jiayi Yang / @yangjiayi1019
Ziqing Gong / @ziqing_1997
Ph Assistant: Huahan / @hzzzzh404

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