Radical Freedom

Photographed by Edouard Nguyen.

A deep dive in a libertine techno party happening in the outskirts of Paris, France. This party is like a regular techno party, and is more considered as a free zone where sex is allowed and bodies celebrated, with a rock-solid stance on consent and benevolence.
A friend once told me “I feel safer to be fucked at this party by five guys at the same time than bring home a Tinder date”.
The guests are thoroughly selected mostly based on their views on said benevolence and consent. Most are creatives but really you can find all kind of trades.
The pictures are from the party and the after party.
Most of us are really good friends, long time friends, and sometimes lovers. A story photographed by Edouard Nguyen.

Radical Freedom

Photography: Edouard Nguyen / @edouard.nguyen
Clara Audoyer / @4444.cerise
Janis / @1trckd
Maryline Aubert / @oolympus
Enzo Terki / @enziterko
Kevin Da Fonseca / @kevin_da.fonseca
Neil Ferry / @neilferryxo
Gala Hopner / @hop__ner

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