No Shave FW24

Interview with the creative director of the brand Ruby Hung

Exploring the essence of a brand that challenges conventional norms and embraces individuality, the designer redefines fashion as a mindset rather than mere attire. Her work deeply resonates with those who seek to express their true selves through clothing. This conversation offers a compelling insight into a brand that stands as a testament to personal power and fearless creativity.

No Shave FW24


Designer: Ruby Hung / @rubyhung___
Photographer: Cesare Fraticelli / @ces_fra
Ph Assist.: Thomas McGuigan / @whathadhetolose
HMUA: Ania Zalaszewska / @aniazala
HMUA Assist.: Beatrice Sloss / @byb.ea
Fashion Assistants: Catherine Rasanto / @cath.rst , Kai Samuel / @ohokkai , Meadhbh McLaughlin @meadhbhstextiles
Talents: Mabel from D1 Models / @maybellejosef
Valeriia from D1 Models / @valeriiakaraman
Cheng Peng from J’adore Models / @alexis_cheng_peng
Adukita from D1 Models / @adukita12

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