Directed by Kate Burduzhan.

A visual metaphor for an internal exploration of our own personality. Starring artist Polina Osipova, directed by Kate Burduzhan.

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Director: Kate Burduzhan / @kateburduzhan
Producer: Lada Gronskaya / @superclassgrons
DOP: Vadim Nezrim / @nezrimvadim
Editor: Slava Kuleshov / @slavikkuleshov
Colorist: Artem Schtenn / @schtenn
Titles: Nastya Petyakhina / @nanssy.tat
AC: Sher Fayzullaev / @sherfz
Gaffer: Andrey Samarsky / @anj_hess
Set design: Anastasia Asvarishch & Anastasiia Vinnik / @aaasvarishch @nevinnikk
Makeup/Hair: Liliia Blossom & Maria Provorova / @liliia.blos @mary_noise
Production assistant: Anna Khloeva / @hloeva_
Talent: Polina Osipova / @polinatammi

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