Savage instinct

Photographed by Emiliano Bossoletti.

Look into the heart of untamed wilderness, where humanity's primal pulse meets romance, giving into its wild instincts and allure, revealing the duality within each soul. A narrative by Emiliano Bossoletti and Federicas Antinelli.

Savage instinct


Photography: Emiliano Bossoletti / @_emilianobossoletti
Styling: Arianna Zanetti / @arianznt
Creative direction: Federica Santinelli / @federica_santinelli
Makeup&Hair: Giovanna Ciccone / @giovannaciccone
Videography: Gaia Mearini / @gaiamearini
Sound Design: Marco Svelazco
Production: Toppa Studio / @toppastudio
Styling Asst: Nicolò Giganti, Giulia Sangaletti / @__nicoloe @giuumanji
Model: Andrea at Euphoria Fashion Agency / @euphoriafashionagency

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