The Labyrinth

Photographed by Lusan.

Deep within the labyrinth, as forbidden lines appear, gruesome echoes of ancient rites celebrate the dark desires of lust buried within. A daring narrative by Lusan and Jinki Naomatsu.

The Labyrinth


Photography: Lusan / @_lusan__
Makeup: Erico Mori / @eriko_mr
Hair: Keita / @keitahair @avgvst_tokyo
Stylist: Jinki Naomatsu / @tyoku_01aw
Flower artist: Koichi Hashiguchi / @koichihashiguch1
Fashion assistant: Hibiki Machino / @hibiki20031020
Hair assistant: Kensuke Hamada / @hamada_1207
Flower assistant: Makoto Saito / @sai_rattan_design
Models: Hiroko, Mika, Zoey, Nagisa / @hiroko__________ @_m_1k_a__ @nagisa.miz @sherfan_zoey

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