The White Sheep

Photographed by Ignazio Sguera.

Step by step you are slowly surrounded. Trying so hard, over and over again, to stand out from anything else. You start questioning yourself, is this even worth it? Once you find the answer, you can understand the true meaning. Photographed by Ignazio Sguera, styled and directed by Chiara Tarantino.

The White Sheep


Photography: Ignazio Sguera / @ignazio_sguera
Styling and Art Direction: Chiara Tarantino / @chiaratarantino___
Styling Assistant: Aurora Mandelli / @aurora.mandelli
Make up and Hair: Federica Russo / @federicarussomakeup
Mia Ko / @miamaydie
Jessica Guazzotti / @jessica_guazzotti
Dewy Huizinga / @dewy.huizinga
Chiara Cappa Bava / @chiara.cappabava
Milena Vanazzi / @milenavanazzi
Eefje Kouwenberg / @eefjekouwenberg

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