London Kids

Photographed by Nate Brazier.

Get to meet young talents from London, in a spontaneous series photographed by Nate Brazier.

London Kids


Photography: Nate Brazier / @natebrazier
Simone Edmunds / @simone.elizaa
Florence West / @florence.west
Louis Marshall / @louis_marshall
Beabadoobee / @radvxz
Annabel O’Connell / @annabelevaoconnell
Maxine Williams / @lookingformothermax
Grace Pollock / @grace.findlay
Betty Yeside / @bettyesiko
Sam Shackleton / @samshackk
Daisy Dickenson / @turntdaisy
Eniola Akin-Olugbemi / @stacysjuicypum
Blu Edmunds / @blu_edmunds

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