Decadence XVIII Anniversary

Celebrating a new year of Decadence.

An exclusive photo journey into the past XVIII years of Decadence. A window into a world of self-discovery and exploration, where unconventional desires and lifestyles are cherished and celebrated together with a personal reflection from Carlo Valentine, Decadence’s founder on a deeper significance of the BDSM lifestyle.

< Dominatrix and mistress in BDSM, women are instead mistreated by religion. According to classical etymology, the term "donna" (eng. Woman) derives from the Latin word "dômina" (lady, mistress). However, based on my study of scriptures, it is evident that there is a connection with the Latin words "donum" (gift) and "dono" (to give). This etymology accurately reflects the ancient view of women, who were created as a gift for men, to assist them in daily life matters. I am not a linguist but an enthusiastic scholar, and I believe it is difficult to extract a piece of my writing without providing lengthy contextual explanations. Therefore, I have decided to share with you an excerpt from Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi's thoughts on my work and Decadence. >
Carlo, Valentine, Founder of Decadence

“[…] the preferred way in which Decadence pursues its mission is reminiscent, in some ways, of what the more unscrupulous groups of the artistic avant-garde used to do, operating aesthetically, particularly through collective performances in a dark, gothic, fetish style, according to the characters with which certain music is shared […] but also with films that have also achieved recognition, in a way that is deliberately or unintentionally provocative towards a certain common morality.

“Epater les bourgeois”, as they used to say in the time of Baudelaire, Rimbaud, and Verlaine, was a motto intended to support a cultural war against the more backward classes, interpreting life as a true form of expression. A certain bourgeois conventionality, especially in the moral sphere, would be just as suffocating to me as it is to Carlo Valentine. I would begin by considering him for what he is, a militant of a cause. He already has an answer ready, at least for the argument closest to his heart, which he presents as a theme (BDSM has always existed in human life, it also appears implicitly in religion, which is perhaps rightly considered the most moralistic, the Judeo-Christian one). It is both a political and aesthetic work, a manifesto, an act of propaganda, certainly, but in the terms that the graphics of Russian Constructivism could interpret it when the Soviet regime still allowed space for the Avant-garde, later accused of bourgeois intellectualism in irreconcilable contrast with the interests of the proletariat: to establish a new relationship between the modalities of visual communication and those of verbal communication so that the message can be conveyed as effectively as possible.

It is a rare and precise etymological investigation, an open discussion of educational ethics that is far too obsolete, no longer acceptable. My interest is in Madonnas and Women. Here, this alternation between servant and queen makes what is still today an extreme vision of femininity.”

Decadence XVIII Anniversary


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