Double-edged love

Photographed by Jing Shao.

You find yourself torn between the desire to express your feelings and the fear of rejection. It's like walking a tightrope, trying to balance your emotions while hiding them at the same time. Dualism captured by Jing Shao, with creative direction by Hejun Shi.

Double-edged love


Photographer: Jing Shao / @_lastmirror
Stylist/Make-up artist: Hejun Shi / @chicherdrink
Creative director: Hejun Shi / @chicherdrink
Hairstylist: Song / @yuccch_song
Nails: @yakibaby_nails
Photography assistant: Xinyu Liu / @_charllles
Models: Judy, Kriko / @judylist @krikokim18

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