Between less is more and more is more

Playful minimalism: a spotlight on the Berlin based brand BRACHMANN and their latest Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection.

Berlin based label, BRACHMANN by Jennifer Brachmann creates playfully minimalist fashion collections inspired by architecture for women and men. With a handwriting particularly educated by the Bauhaus principles of design, the label deconstructs and reinvents luxury essentials of women’s and menswear, redefining the notions of chic & elegance. In its collections the label explores the tension between opulence and purism and focuses on clever details, hybrids, and silhouettes in order to establish a unique post-classical signature that is subtly avant-garde, yet timeless.

For Autumn/Winter 2020, BRACHMANN has put together a collection of delicate strength, filigree silhouettes and purist opulence exploring the tensions between less is more and more is more, minimalism and abundance, functional menswear and elegant womenswear, delicate transparency, and a strong structure. With details such as sculptural pleats at sleeves and interpenetrating layers, the silhouette of the classics is effortlessly modernised and casually emancipated from the formal. The clean cuts confer an architectural expression to the collection that is further emphasised by layering, twisted grain lines and subtle colour contrasts, while integrated folds give width. Relying exclusively on exquisite fabrics made of natural fibres, the collection uses cotton for shirts, blouses, dresses and trench coats, merino wool and silk-wool blends for jackets, blazers and suits and virgin wool, cashmere-wool and mohair-wool blends for coats. Its color palette ranges from cooler green and blue tones to gray and warmer brown tones, while terracotta and warm fox red set counterpoints.

Between less is more and more is more


Fashion: Brachmann / @brachmannofficial
Photography: Axl Jansen / @axl_jansen
Styling: Charlotte Gindreau / @charlotte.gindreau
H&M: Buchholz Christiane / @buchholzchristiane2018
Models: @hitomihigashi_b & @suhyun_izaiomodel
Shoes: @unuetzer, @shoepassioncom & @heinrichdinkelacker

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