Photographed by Marc Aldinger

Imagine a new World and make it yours. Marc Aldinger and his creative team on an expedition through various fashion looks alongside with beautiful scenes of set design.



Photographer: Marc Aldinger / @lizardprince_

Styling: Sophie Giannoules / @sophiegiannoules
Hair & Makeup: Haneen Ajub / @haneenajub
Set Design: Sebastian Snyman / at Greenery Berlin
Styling Assistant: Quirin Emanga / @quirinemanga

Special thanks to:
 Pat Aldinger, Vincent Böhringer, Denis Olf / @pataldingerdp
 @vincentböhringer @__lessthan3
Nicole at Smcm model management / @nicoleatieno @smcmodelmanagement
Looloo at Majin scouting / @looooooooolu @majin__scouting
Viola at Her management / @violabeck_

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