Devil’s Secretary

Photographed by Rotem Lebel.

This place is great, I have to confess. And what I do, I do better than anyone else. You have nothing to give me, I passed the test, everyone around saying I’m the best. You have to trust me honey, I’m not playing. A glamorous fashion by Rotem Lebel, starring model and activist Shay Zanco.

Devil’s Secretary


Photography: Rotem Lebel / @rotemleb for ArtBook
Styling: Maor Robin / @maorrbn
Makeup: Shiran Farran / @shiransha
Hair: Guy Samuel / @guysamuel_official
Photography assistant: Amit Selickter / @selfickter
Location: Brown Brut Hotel / @brownhotels
Model: Shay Zanco at ITModels / @shayzanco_ @itmodels

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