Photographed by Alexandra Isakova.

Everything I want I have, but still can’t sleep at night. I need yor hands in my hair to feel peace. Bless my dreams, it’s all so foggy and I can’t even rest. A short movie directed by Alexandra Isakova.



Idea and direction: Alexandra Isakova / @alexandraisakova
Cinematography: Slava Kuleshov / @slavikkuleshov
Styling: Sofia Burnasheva / @philosofiya
Editing: Alexander Voytsekhovsky / @sashavoytsekhovsky
Hair: Misha Kiselev / @michkiselev
Sound Design: Danila Mikhalev / @mic_lv
Voice over: Dmitry Veshutov / @veshutov
Film: Perspektiva Film Lab @perspektivalab
Special thanks: Ben Sweeny, Pasha Birger, Egor Meshkovoy
Model: Marusya Yakovleva / @marusyamake

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