Things On The Verge

Photographed by Davide Saleri.

Touch me if you can, I’m a mirror, I’m a ghost. I belong to nothing. My body is lying on the ground, my blood has been spilled, it’s no longer mine. A surreal fashion story shot by Davide Saleri.

Things On The Verge


Photography: Davide Saleri / @davidesaleri
Creative direction&Styling: Sara Cammarota / @by__candy
Makeup: Federica Russo / @federicarussomakeup
Photo Assistant: Emanuele Bodei / @bodeiemanuele
Styling Assistant: Luca Fresolone / @cherluc
Makeup Assistant: Martina Bonsignore / @itsbonsgram
Model: Sofia Belluardo / @soofy_____

Giordana Bellucci / @giordanabellucci
Cristina Sun / @crissymoon_
Lucrezia Mattioli / @mattioli111
Pasquale Monetta / @pasqualemonetta_couture
Ambra Meineri / @ambra_meineri
Anna Tessarin / @antess_jewelry

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