The milk of dreams

Photographed by Debora Pota

The dust stirred underfoot, whispering forgotten secrets, as the candles revealed glimpses of a world that had long since slipped into the abyss of time. A fashion story by Debrora Pota and Lorraine Beta

The Milk of Dreams


Photographer: Debora Pota / @debora_pota
Stylist and Art Director: Lorraine Betta / @lorrainebetta
Makeup: Alessandra Andreotti / @ales.mua
Hairstylist: Sara Bergaglio / @sara.bergaglio
Set Designer: Clara Lasagna / @clarambra
Photographer Assistant: Yuri Sarno / @yurisarno
Stylist Assistants: Noemi Cirillo, Valentina Cammarota / @noemireblle @valentina_cammarota
Makeup Artist Assistant: Rossella Pastore / @rossellapastoremua
Model: Tat at Claw Models / @tatkatysheva @theclawmodels

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